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The field of ECE is currently highly fragmented, comprising of small interest groups without a unified voice or vision. There is also a dearth of research in the field to inform both ECE and the education of teachers for ECE.

Universities work in isolation from each other. Teacher education programmes are often criticized for not being fully responsive to the need for teachers to work in multiple, diverse South African education contexts.

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SARAECE President

Dr Giulietta Domenica Harrison


The South African Research Association (SARAECE) is a dream come true for many of us. SARAECE will strive to be a leading voice for ECE investing in improving the well-being, early education and holistic development and potential of all children from birth to nine. We will serve as a catalyst for ECE and intend to be a platform supporting knowledge creation in ECE. We are also committed to become an inclusive, collective and critical voice for the ECE field.

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SARAECE KwaZulu Natal Conference (26 May 2017)

The SARAECE conference will be held on the 26 May 2017

For more information with regards Conference click here.

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