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Who are we?


SARAECE is a research association that promotes research and research development in the field of early childhood education (ECE), including teacher education and development for ECE.


What role does SARAECE play?


What role does SARAECE play? SARAECE is a research association with three focus areas,  namely,  research development, reporting and analysis. Research is aimed at providing improved teacher education and training in HEI’s as well as providing mentorship, support and guidance to teachers and practitioners in the field of ECD. SARAECE has built capacity in establishing relationships with NPO’s and NGO’s as well as other associated interest groups in the discipline who currently contribute substantively to the aims and benefits of the SARAECE



  • To provide an academic forum in South Africa for the development and dissemination of research in Early Childhood Development (ECD) & Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration among ECD & ECCE researchers nationally and internationally.
  • Promote links between research, practice and policy in ECD & ECCE.
  • Raise the visibility and status of research in ECD & ECCE.
  • Provide a valuable resource through the ECD & ECCE database which is situated on our website.


SARAECE Achievements

  • SARAECE has a journal, South African Journal of Childhood Education (SAJCE) which was founded in 2011.
  • Regional and National conferences.
  • Doctoral supervision training for emerging supervisors.
  • Writer’s seminar to support emerging academics.
  • A database of research in the field of ECCE and ECD.


Below is our SARAECE Brochure which gives an overview about us

SARAECE Brochure

About us
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