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Meet the Committee
Dr Giulietta Domenica Harrison
Rhodes University, Centre for Social Development

Giulietta Harrison, who is the current President of SARAECE has come from a background of many years of teaching in early childhood classrooms across a variety of contexts.  She has been a school Principal, an H.O.D and a lecturer in Foundation Phase.  She is presently the Director for the Centre for Social Development at Rhodes University and wears both an academic and an NPO hat.  She has a passion for helping teachers to provide positive spaces for learning which she expresses through her work in Emotional Intelligence.  She did her Masters research looking at how to promote this in a Grade R classroom and her PhD on understanding how children learning using Grade 1 Literacy as her vehicle for analysis.  She is presently mentoring both PhD and Master's students and lecturing on the B.Ed and PGCE programmes run at the Education Faculty at Rhodes University.  She has written a variety of training programmes as 'open-source' documents for the NPO sector including parent and teacher programmes.  As the Director of an NPO, she manages a range of outreach and training programmes together with a full portfolio of fundraising activities.  Through the work of SARAECE she would like to promote the development of novice academics and contribute to the growth of the ECCE sector.


Nkidi Phatudi
Committee Member
University of Pretoria

Prof Nkidi Phatudi is an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department (COD) in the Department of Early Childhood Education, College of Education at the University of South Africa. She is responsible for the managing of the department by providing leadership and vision so that it remains relevant in pursuance of ECD research and education. She is also responsible for teaching literacy pedagogy of the early years as first and second languages to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She was a leading researcher of the mother tongue learning group in the EU-DHET funded project involving universities around the country. Consequent to this the learning group produced learning materials which are freely available to those who would like to use them. She is the treasurer of SARAECE, and has a Special Interest Group (SIG) in the association for mother tongue learning group. She contributed chapters in scholarly books and amongst them is; 'Restoring Indigenous Languages and the Right to Learn in a Familiar Language: A Case of Black South African Children" in the book Children's Rights and Education: International Perspectives Edited by Beth Blue Swadener et al, as a result of her involvement in the international project UNA. She has written a number of books in African languages, most of which are storybooks, published articles on journals and in national newspapers and supervised postgraduate students to the completion of their studies. She is an editor of a textbook; Introducing English First Additional Language in the Early Years, published by Pearson.

Her research focus includes transitions and specifically that of children moving from home and preschool into Grade 1. The role of language becomes very important as it is a medium of learning - thus lack of proficiency in a language results in negative outcomes.

Elizabeth Pretorius
Committee member

Elizabeth (Lilli) Pretorius is a professor in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages at the University of South Africa. Over the years her teaching fields have included phonetics and phonology, text linguistics, psycholinguistics (first language acquisition) and applied linguistics (additional/second language teaching and learning). Her main area of research is reading literacy, especially in an additional language. She has spent many years doing reading research in high poverty contexts, examining the enabling factors that support early literacy development in challenging environments


Glynnis Daries
Committee member
University of the free state

I am Glynnis Daries and a lecturer at the University of Free State.

My lecturing modules include Mathematics education, early childhood development, inclusive education and Grade R teaching.

My research interest in on  teachers funds of knowledge and practice and professional development the field of Early Childhood Care and Education

Ina Joubert
Committee member
University of Pretoria

Prof Ina Joubert, who is a member of the World Education Research Association and serves on the management committee of the South African Research Association of Early Childhood Education (SARAECE). She has been a school principal, a lecturer and senior lecturer in distance education, an associate professor and now a head of the Department of Early Childhood Education.

She won for the best PhD presentation (2006) at the Faculty of Education, Research Indaba and has also won two Deans Awards (2010) as well as two Teaching Innovation Awards (2006 & 2010).

She specialises in democratic citizenship education and the language education of the young child and has published articles on her research in these fields in accredited national and international journals. She has published a total of 12 books and also numerous chapters in these fields, on children's experiences of their citizenship in democratic South Africa and assessment practices at higher education institutions.

Prof Joubert has mentored 17 postgraduate students to the completion of their studies over the past 10 years, in the fields of democratic citizenship education and language education in the Foundation Phase. Some of the students who completed their degrees under her supervision have excelled in their careers.

Anya Morris
Committee member
Africa A+ Schools network

Anya has a National Diploma in Pre-primary Education (Barkly House College, 1975), a B.A. degree (UNISA, 2000), a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (UCT, 2004) and a M.Ed. in Education (2014). From 1967 to 2000, Anya taught and managed preprimary schools in Kwazulu Natal under the Natal Education Department. After moving to Cape Town Anya worked at independent schools for six years before joining the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), an NGO that supports early childhood development in disadvantaged communities.

For the past three years Anya Morris has served as the project director of Africa A+ Schools, an innovative educational pilot project that enables preschools to nurture children's creative, collaborative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Anya is currently co-authoring a distance learning school readiness programme for Namibian Grade R teachers as part of a Roger Federer Foundation education initiative.

Anya’s interests lie in the practicalities of professionally developing preschool and Grade R educators in understanding and implementing quality early learning experiences.


Dr Colwyn Deborah Martin
University of the Free State

Colwyn Martin is the Discipline Co-ordinator for Early Childhood Education at the University of the Free State.  Colwyn Martin’s work is situated at the intersection of three main research areas: early literacy, literacy pedagogy and teacher education. In her Master’s research, she made use of Bernstein’s theory of pedagogic discourse to make sense of how children experience learning in Foundation Phase classrooms.  Her PhD study gave visibility to teachers’ discourses of literacy as a socially situated practice in early childhood centres. 


Colwyn is responsible for the leadership and co-ordination of the Early Childhood Discipline at the University of the Free State. Her core responsibility includes providing vision and leadership for programme design and curriculum development within the field of Early Childhood Education.  She has managed to procure funding from the DHET-EU for the development of a programme for teacher training for a degree in Early Childhood Education and Care.


Colwyn is also responsible for teaching language and literacy at both the home language and second language levels within the Foundation Phase Programme.  Her other teaching responsibilities include early childhood development, teaching practice and education theory.  Her research supervision experience includes learner transitions, language education, teacher education and play as a pedagogy for learning.   

Dr Keshni Bipath
University of Pretoria: Education

Education Discipline: Education Leadership and Management/Early Childhood Care and Education

Area of specialization: Professional Teacher Development

Hasina Banu Ebrahim
University of South Africa
Lorayne Excell
ECD lecturer
Faculty of Humanities; Wits School of Education

Education Discipline: Early Childhood Development

Area of specialization: ECD (Including Grade R) Professional Teacher Development. Exploring what constitutes high quality early childhood education. Playful pedagogies with a focus on how to teach playfully



Susan Greyling
North West University

I am based in Fochville Gauteng and work at NWU Potchefstroom as the Unit for Open Distance Learning (UODL) Academic Manager: Faculty of Education. I played a main part in developing the Grade R programme, having insight in curriculum development processes and extensive knowledge of theoretical framing of teaching and learning. I was the Programme Leader for the Diploma in Grade R Teaching and the Programme Leader for ECCE, mainly responsible for the design, delivery and presentation of the degree and diploma in ECCE within the teacher education programmes delivered via distance learning. My research interests include Early Childhood Education as well as Educational Management. I am currently busy with her PhD Educational Management (UNISA). Theme: Management training for Foundation Phase Teachers that strive towards Principal positions: Case study in the North West Provinc

Leetoane Eunice Sibeko
University of the Free State
Tozama Mthembu
University of Technology

Tozama Mthembu is a lecturer in the Primary Education Department within the School of Education at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She is lecturing Literacy to Foundation Phase students. She is currently busy with her studies towards a D.Ed.  She has co-authored an article on Assessment Literacy of Foundation Phase Teachers: An Exploratory Study (with Prof Kanjee).

Dr Shonisani Agnes Mulovhedzi
University of Venda

Dr Shonisani Agnes Mulovhedzi has been in Higher Education since 2003 started working as a part lecturer and in 2014 appointed permanently as a lecturer in the School of Education under Department of Early Childhood Education at University of Venda. She worked as a pre-school teacher for 7 years and two years in Primary school, teaching Grade R- 3.
Her roles are lecturing; supervising students; assess students during teaching practice; community engagement, secretary of the department and coordinate Univen model pre-school. She has written articles on accredited journals on issue of teaching language, leadership and Life Skills in the Foundation Phase. Her specialization is in Life Skills Learning Programme in the Foundation Phase. Dr Mulovhedzi is a member of The South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education (SARAECE). In 2015 she won the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning awards in the category of Lecturer. She has supervised a number of BED Honours and Masters students to completion

Ndileleni Paulinah Mudzielwana

Professor Ndileleni Paulinah Mudzielwana is an Associate Professor and the HOD in the Department of Early Childhood Education in the School of Education at the University of Venda. She has been in higher education since 1998. Prior to this, she was a primary school teacher, lecturer at Tshisimani and Makhado College of education. She is now HOD of the Department of Early Childhood Education in the School of Education. She serves as a member of University Senate, member of university Senate Teaching and Learning, member of the editorial board of Journal of Educational Studies (JES) in the school of Education. She has supervised a number of BED Honours, Masters and PhD students to completion.

Her role and responsibilities, amongst others, are to provide academic leadership to the department, promote scholarship amongst staff, and develop an operational plan for the department based on the school and university policies. As the HoD, she holds departmental meetings with members about various issues amongst others, teaching, learning and assessment, article writing, internationalization, teaching practice and community engagement.
Professor Ndileleni P. Mudzielwana is a member of The South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education (SARAECE) and specialises in: Early literacy, teaching reading in the Foundation phase and assessment practices in Higher Education institutions. She has published many articles in accredited journals. She has also co-authored and authored various books. In 2012 Prof Mudzielwana won the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning awards in the category of Lecturer and in 2014 in the category of Senior lecturer.

Jabu Mzimela
University of Kwazulu-Natal

Jabulile Mzimela is an Early Childhood Education specialist. She is a teacher educator at the University Of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Education under the Discipline of Early Childhood Education.  She holds a PhD degree in Teacher Development Studies. Her research interests are on Home Language and First Additional Language teaching. Lately, she has developed a further interest on Early Childhood Care and Education. 

Area of expertise: Early Childhood Education. I specialise in Literacy teaching both Mother Tongue and First Additional Language

Dr Donna Hannaway

Dr DM Hannaway is a senior lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood Education, College of Education, University of South Africa. Dr Hannaway is an emerging researcher and her research interest is technology-based teaching and learning in the early years. She is also engaged in inter-institutional research and programme development for inclusive early childhood care and education.

Linda Bosman
University of Stellenbosch

My experience extends across a range of disciplines and contexts within early childhood and foundation phase education. I have authored various educational publications on inquiry-based science education, mathematics, learning support, assessment, birth to four curriculum and research. In my PhD I focused on the implementability of inquiry-based science education (following the La main à la pâte approach) in the foundation phase classroom, and I remain devoted to preparing student- and practicing teachers to implement play-based, inquiry-oriented and transformational pedagogies in early childhood and foundation phase contexts.


Presently I am a lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Stellenbosch where I am responsible for teaching modules in the BEd (foundation phase) and BEd Honours programmes as well as post-graduate supervision.

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