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1.1 Educational publications and products

Publications of a didactic nature (e.g. study guides, learning materials, multimedia productions (CDs), educational videos, web materials, text books etc.) relevant to university education.

1.1.1    Books: Published

  • Evans, R., Joubert, I. & Meyer, C. (Eds.). 2017. Introducing Children’s literature. A Guide to the South African classroom. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 978 0627 03496 1. (Blind peer-reviewed).
  • Joubert, I., Hartell, C. & Lombard, K. (Redakteurs). 2016. Navorsing: ‘n gids vir die beginner navorser. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 9780627032912. (Blind peer-reviewed).
  • Joubert, I. (Ed.), Bester, M., Meyer, E., Evans, R. & Phatudi, N. 2015. Literacy in the Foundation Phase. 2nd revised ed. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 9780627033643. Total pages: 332. Double, blind-peer reviewed. (Conceptualised idea for book, editor and co-author. This academic book is prescribed to students in the Foundation Phase at 9 Higher Education Institutions).


1.1.2   Chapters in books: Published

  • Joubert, I., Bosman, L. & Venketsamy, R. (2017). Rethinking assessment and Home Language-based education in the Foundation Phase (Chapter 7, p. 151-172). In: R. Davin & M. Naudé. (Eds.). Assessment in the Foundation Phase. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 987 0 627 03494 7.
  • Joubert, I. 2017. Introducing children’s story books to beginner readers (Chapter 6, p.129-150). In: R. Evans, I. Joubert & C. Meyer. (Eds.). Introducing Children’s literature. A Guide to the South African classroom. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 978 0627 03496 1.
  • Joubert, I. 2016. Gevallestudie: riglyne vir ontwerp en uitvoering van die navorsing (Hoofstuk 6/Chapter 6, p.131-164). In: I. Joubert, C. Hartell, & K. Lombard. (Redakteurs). 2015. Navorsing: ‘n gids vir die beginner navorser. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 9780627032912.
  • Mudzielwana, N.P., Joubert, I. & Phatudi, N.C. 2016. Teaching practice - its purpose and implementation (Part 3, Chapter 11, p.189-202). In: C. Okeke, J. Abongdia, E. Olusola Adu, M. Van Wyk & C. Wolhuter (Eds.). Learn to teach: A handbook for Teaching Practice. Cape Town: Oxford. ISBN 9780190411794, E Publication. ISBN 978 0 19 041179 4. Blind peer-reviewed.
  • West, J. & Joubert, I. 2016. Teaching Social Science in the Foundation Phase (Chapter 2, p.29-68). In: M. Naudé & C. Meyer (Eds.). Teaching Life Skills in the Foundation Phase. Pretoria: Van Schaik Publishers. ISBN 9780627033896. Blind peer-reviewed.
  • Joubert, I. 2015. The Grade R classroom (Chapter 5, p30-43) and Life Skills (Chapter 6, p132-177). In: L. De la Cornillere. (Ed.). Oxford Grade R Integrated Teacher’s Guide. ISBN 9780190404437.

          Oxford Geïntegreerde Onderwysersgids. ISBN 9780190408749.

Oxford Kereti ya R Buka ya Morutabana. ISBN 9780190406974. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. (Sole author of chapters, research-based, contributed to CD). Blind peer-reviewed.

  • Joubert, I. 2015. Assessment of EFAL (Chapter 9). In: N. Phatudi. (Ed.). Introducing English as First Additional Language in the Early Years. Cape Town: Pearson. ISBN 9781775780533. Blind peer-reviewed.
  • Joubert, I. 2014. Democratic citizenship education for participatory democracy (Chapter 11, p.137-154). In: M. Nel. (Ed.). Life orientation for South African teachers. Pretoria: Van Schaik. ISBN 9780627031199. (Sole author of chapter, chapter is research-based). Double blind, peer-reviewed.
  • Joubert, I. & Andrianatos, K. 2013. Teaching and learning English First additional Language in the Foundation Phase (Chapter 1, p.5-24). In: K. Andrianatos, A. Dawber, E. De Cerff, L. de Cornillere, I. Joubert, X. Guzula with S. Busika. Oxford Practical Teaching: English First Additional Language Foundation Phase. (Including Audio CD). Cape Town: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199059751. (Co-author of chapter, research-based, contributed to CD). Blind peer-reviewed.





Publications in peer-reviewed or refereed journals (IBSS, ISI, DHET Publication list)

2.1 Published articles: International Accredited Journals

  • Joubert, I., Phatudi, N., Harris, T. & Moen, M. 2015. Education for democratic citizenship through a literacy-based approach: A case of South African township children. Children & Society. 29(5): 421-432.

Online publication. 28 JAN 2014/DOI:10.1111/chso.12070. www. Impact factor: 0.886.

  • Phatudi, N., Joubert, I. & Harris, T. 2015. Self-reflective practices during teaching and learning episodes: The case of an undergraduate literacy module. International Journal of Educational Sciences. Special Edition (IJES). 8(1): 75-82. Impact factor: 1.340.


2.2 Published articles: National Accredited Journals

  • Botha, A. C., Joubert, I. & Hugo, A. 2016. Children’s perceptions of democratic values: Implications for democratic citizenship education. South African Journal of Childhood Education, 30(5): 1 - 8
  • Ramagoshi, R. & Joubert, I. 2016. Teaching idioms as part of imaginative language in Setswana in Grade 3. South African Journal of Childhood Education, 6 (1): 1 - 10
  • Moodley, D., Joubert, I., Sookraj, R., Smith, C.G.A., Singh, P. & Zama, Z. 2016. Developing open source materials for Foundation Phase: diverse spaces for collaboration. South African Journal for Higher Education, 30(5): 597-606.
  • Moen, M. & Joubert, I. 2015. Uncovering Young Children’s emerging identities related to their Literacy Experiences: Suggestions to strengthen language education. Per Linguam, 31(3): 20-31.

  • Faber, H., Joubert, I., Vermeulen, D. & Moen, M. 2015. Die integrasie van musiek en stories as ‘n effektiewe benadering tot die ontwikkeling van fonologiese bewuswording vir Afrikaanssprekende Graad 1-leerders. LitNet Akademies, 12(1): 2-23. Impact factor: 1.340.
  • Joubert, I. 2012. Children as photographers: Life experiences and the right to be listened to. South African Journal of Education, 32(4): 449-464. Impact factor: 0.527.
  • Mudzielwana, N.P., Joubert, I. (J.C.), Phatudi, N. & Hartell, C.G. 2012. Teaching reading comprehension to Grade 3 Tshivenda-speaking learners. Journal of Educational Studies, 11(1): 67-84.


2.3 Published articles: Non-accredited Journals

Bipath, K. & Joubert, I. 2016. The birth of a new qualification for ECD. Mail & Guardian, Supplement A, 27 May 2016, p. 4.


3. Scholarly books

  • Joubert, I. 2010. ‘South Africa is my best world.’ The voices of child citizens in a democratic South Africa. Switzerland: Peter Lang AG (Recognised International Academic Publisher). ISBN 978-3-0343-0300-2. Total pages: 233. Foreword: Prof Yusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University. Blind peer-reviewed. (Conceptualised idea for the book, sole author, research-based)


Scholarly book: Published with international collaboration

  • Joubert, I., (Ed.). Banu-Ebrahim, H., Botha, M., Botha, A., Bondi, R., Evans, R., Farrell, A., Harris, T., Mudzielwana, N.P., Phatudi, N. &. Van Heerden, J. Innovative Assessment Practices. Cape Town: Pearson. e-book. ISBN 9781928226994. (I conceptualised idea for book, acted as project leader, editor, content is research/evidence-based).

Chapter contribution: Joubert, I., Botha, M., Van Heerden, J., Phatudi, N. & Botha, A. Towards the scholarship of assessment: the contribution of a poster presentation assessment project. Cape Town: Pearson. e-book. Manuscript be blind peer-reviewed. (Leading author of chapter, research-based).

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