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Dr Colwyn Deborah Martin

Dr Colwyn Deborah Martin Publications


Recent publications (2016-2021)


Ebrahim, HB, Martin, C, Koen, MP, Olivier, M & Van Zyl E. (2016). Teacher educators’ conceptions of teaching and learning in the early years.  South African Journal of Higher Education, 29(3), 56-68.

Martin, C.D. & Ebrahim, H.B.  (2016).  Teachers’ Discourses of Literacy as Social Practice in

Advantaged and Disadvantaged Early Childhood Contexts.  South African Journal of

Childhood Education: Special Issue on Early Childhood at the Margins), 6 (2), 1-10. 

Martin, C. D. (2021). Everyday literacy practices: Normalising the school literate child. South African Journal of Childhood Education11(1), 11.

Shaik, H.; Martin, C. & Moodley, T. Reframing listening for belonging and participation in early childhood care and education settings: A case in South Africa (2021). Early Years: An International Journal, 1-14.



Ebrahim, H.B., Martin, C.D. & Excell, L. (Forthcoming October 2021). Early childhood

teachers’ and managers’ lived experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa. Journal of Education, Special Issue: Interlocking inequalities, crises and education in the Global South.


Book Chapters: In Press

Martin, C.D. Relational Pedagogy. (In press). In Ebrahim, H.B & Waniganayake, M.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: A Handbook on early childhood education for South

Africa. Cape Town: Pearson. 


Martin. C.D. & Pillay, P. (In press).  “I am a professional”: discursive constructions of early

childhood teachers’ professional identities. In: Ebrahim, H.B & Chikoko, V. Critical Issues

in Professional Development: Situated Knowledge from South Africa.  Pretoria: Unisa Press.

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