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Dr Donna Hannaway

Dr Donna Hannaway



  • Hannaway, D.M., Govender, P., Marais, P and Meier, C. 2018. Growing early childhood education teachers in rural areas.¬† Africa Education Review. DOI: 10.1080/18146627.2018.1445974
  • Du Preez, H., Hannaway, D., ¬†Joubert, I. and Masola, F. 2019. Reaching out with rugby role models to inspire literacy in young children: Informing hybrid pedagogy. TEFLE. 1(1)
  • Hannaway, D., 2019, Mind the gaps: Professional perspectives of technology-based teaching and learning in the Foundation Phase, South African Journal of Childhood Education 9(1), a674.
  • Ebrahim, H., Hannaway, D., Phala, T., & Modise, M. 2019. Transforming early childhood pedagogy in South Africa. Critical Issues in professional development. Situated accounts from South Africa. Unisa Press (ACCEPTED, print 2020)
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