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Dr Matshediso Rebecca Modise


 Dr Matshediso Rebecca Modise Publications


1. Modise, T. M. R. (2018). Empowering Practitioners Through Training to Ensure Safety and
Health of Early Childhood Development Learners: Empowering Early Childhood Practitioners.
In Early Childhood Education from an Intercultural and Bilingual Perspective (pp. 53-69). IGI

2. Modise, M. R. (2019). Supporting Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Centres in South African
Townships. Bulgarian Comparative Education Society.

3. Modise, M. R. (2019). Supervising and supporting grade R practitioners in South African
schools. Leadership in Early Education in Times of Change, 33.

4. Modise, M. R. (2019). Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Development: A Means for
Quality Practices through Professional Training. Bulgarian Comparative Education Society.

5. Modise, M. R. (2019). Leadership and Stakeholder Involvement in Creating a Non-Violent
Early Childhood Development (ECD) School Environment in South Africa: Cultivating a
Culture of Nonviolence in Early Childhood Development Centers and Schools. In Cultivating a
Culture of Nonviolence in Early Childhood Development Centers and Schools (pp. 233-251).
IGI Global.

6. International review of ECE Leadership Research
Fonsén, E., Varpanen, J., Strehmel, P., Kawakita, M., Marchant, S., Modise, M., ... &
Halpern, C. (2019). International review of ECE Leadership Research–Finland, Germany,
Japan, Singapore, South Africa and the United States understanding leadership in ECE are
discussed from international…. - South Africa – ‘Searching Leadership Competence for ECE’.

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