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Website Tutorial


Are you a little lost? Don't worry as this tutorial will explain how the website works and what each section contains.


Home Page


When you first load up the website you will be brought here to the home page. You can use the Home page as a starting point when you want to use the website. If you wish to come back to the home page then click on the 'Home tab' at the top of the webpage.




The home page will also have some interesting new information on it so check back to it from time to time.


About Us




If you want to know more about SARAECE then click on 'About us'. Here you can find out what roles SARAECE plays in, who is SARAECE, the achievements SARAECE have achieved  and what is the aim of SARAECE. If you hover your mouse cursor over 'About us' you will see a drop down menu will appear. These 4 new tabs you will see are Introduction, Background, Birth of an idea and SARAECE logo. You may click on each of these to get even more information on SARAECE.







If you click on the 'Committee' tab you can see where the committee members of SARAECE are located. We have committee members all across South Africa. If you hover your mouse cursor on the 'Committee' tab you will see a new tab will appear. This new tab will be meet the committee members. Here you will get a detailed description of each member such as where they are based, their role in SARAECE and even a short bio about them.




About us
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